Ada Village Preschool

Learn About Our Curriculum

At Ada Village Preschool, our curriculum is built upon evidenced based theories of child development and combines frameworks for learning that support children as active learners. Our curriculum and planned learning experiences are based on the three following guiding principles:
We believe an effective early childhood curriculum:

  • Addresses multiple domains of children's development including physical, soimage10.jpegcial, emotional, language and cognitive development.
  • Is sensitive to the strengths and needs of individual children.
  • Supports the view that children are active learners and they learn best when they engage in content and activities that are relevant and meaningful to them.


Ada Village Preschool's written curriculum provides a framework to guide teachers planning and includes the following components:

  •  A Stimulating Learning Environment
  •  A Daily Routine which Includes Large Group, Small Groups and Individual Activities
  •  Age Appropriate and Hands-on Learning Materials
  •  Meaningful and Creative Activities
  •  Children's Learning Experiences which Spark Curiosity
  •  Authentic Assessment of Children's Development
  •  Individualized Goals for Each Child
  •  Staff and Family Partnerships
  •  Program Evaluation to Ensure the Highest Quality Experience for Each Child
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